The Bureau of Sociological Research (BOSR) has provided a range of research services for faculty, staff, administrators and students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln since it was established in 1964.  BOSR actively works with UNL investigators on the design, implementation and completion of survey research projects.  BOSR also provides research services for state, government and local organizations outside of the University.  Information collected by BOSR is helpful for program evaluation, budgeting justifications, and planning purposes. 

BOSR has conducted national, regional and local surveys using a variety of survey research methods.  Our professional staff has experience working with a number of contemporary data collection methodologies and our involvement in conferences and organizations related to social research has enabled us to keep abreast of changes and trends in survey methodology. This has directly benefited BOSR by leading to higher quality data collection and greater efficiency.

Research.  Our central administrative goal has always been to provide high quality research services to advance knowledge and to help improve social conditions. BOSR supports all aspects of social science research applications.   Staff provide support for research design and implementation and will, as determined in consultation with the client, assume responsibility for data collection, processing, analyses, and presentation. BOSR strives to offer quality research services while adapting to new technologies.

Education.  Staff at BOSR provide training and demonstrations of survey research methods and human subject protection for undergraduate and graduate classes in Sociology.  Consulting on project design and planning is provided to undergraduate and graduate UNL students as requested.