Endorsements for SHARP

  • The American Cancer Society, High Plains Division Inc.
  • The American Lung Association
  • Health Education Inc.
  • Nebraska Office of Highway Safety
  • Nebraska State Suicide Prevention Coalition


"The data collected provide our program with another important source of information that we use to more effectively plan, implement, and evaluate our unintentional injury prevention traffic safety initiatives."

- Fred Zwonechek, Administrator, Nebraska Office of Highway Safety


"The data obtained are very important to the Coalition as we apply for grants and also help us monitor progress and trends."  

- Dr. David Miers, Co-Chair, Nebraska State Suicide Prevention Coalition


We have benefited from participating in the student health surveys by sharing the information with stakeholders about the behavioral choices of our students, and for curriculum planning and evaluation. It has also allowed us to interface with external agencies with valid data regarding the needs of our students."

- Dr. John Skretta, Assistant Superintendent, Norris School District


"YRBS data are critical when applying for grants, such as the Carol M. White Physical Education Program grant that the Lincoln Public Schools recently received from the U.S. Department of Education.  The data also help us focus on the needs of our students when we conduct regular reviews of our health education and physical education curricula."

- Dr. Marybell Avery, Curriculum Specialist for Health Physical Education,and Character Education, Lincoln Public Schools


"As Health Director for a 5 county rural area, I see great benefit when schools and parents agree to allow their children to participate in the surveys regarding health behavior.  We need information about the health related behaviors of children to set a baseline and then to measure whether initiatives that we help communities implement are actually making a difference in the behavior of children."  

- Jane Ford Witthoff, Director District Health Department for Fillmore, Gage, Jefferson, Saline, and Thayer counties


"The local data provided by the NRPFSS are extremely valuable when talking to your community about alcohol, drugs, and other risk behaviors.  In addition, the data are crucial for our local coalitions when applying for federal and state funding for prevention programs."

- Wendy Keele, Executive Director, Area Substance and Alcohol Abuse Prevention, Hastings


"These surveys are needed on the local, state and national level.  We just finished writing the DFC grant and without these tools we would have not been able to even think about taking on writing this grant."

- Carlece Kenner, SPF/SIG Southeast Coalition Project Director


"I am currently working at the AIM Institute as a program evaluatior for various grant-funded projects.  The funding sources (ie. the US  Department of Education, Sherwood Foundation, etc.) like to see data that can be validated by such data sources.  I also find a gap in data  in school districts that do not allow such means."

- Dr. Michael W. Shain, Director of Evaluation Services, The AIM Institute