FAQ from Researchers

Over the years, we have worked with countless researchers to develop and implement their data collection projects.  Below are common questions researchers ask when exploring services offered by BOSR.

What do BOSR services cost?
Developing a budget can be one of the more delicate tasks in the research process.  As each project has unique characteristics and needs, cost estimates are created to match the specific details of each project. One of our professional staff members will gladly assist you with the cost estimation process to develop a plan that meets your financial and data needs.

Additionally, our structure as a service center within the University allows us to be cost effective and efficient in the way costs are associated with the work that we complete. As a cost-recovering unit, we only charge our clients the amount that it actually costs us to complete a project.  If we are able to finish the project under the amount we estimate, we will only send an invoice for the amount spent.  At the same time, if we find that costs are running higher than anticipated or changes are made to the methodology that would increase the costs above the cost estimate provided, we would discuss options for keeping the project within budget. No matter the type or scope of your project, our research staff will work with your budget considerations in order to maximize your data collection efforts.

What’s the first step in getting my data collection process started and creating a cost estimate?
Knowing the needs and research goals of our clients is a key factor to BOSR’s success in designing any data collection effort.  The first step in getting the research ball rolling is to set-up a consultation meeting or to communicate by email or phone. 

My research is unique.  Can BOSR still help me?
Each project has its own distinct characteristics and needs.  We have experience with unique methodologies, hard to reach populations, and problem solving unusual obstacles.  We would be happy to talk with you about your unique project and discuss how BOSR’s skills and capacities can meet your needs. 

Can you help with the IRB process?
The IRB protocol submission process can be a daunting task for many researchers.  Our staff regularly assist with IRB protocols for approval and are especially adept at preparing information that is thorough, clear and concise.  Additionally, we can assist your research by helping to create informed consent forms and documentation that meets IRB’s approval while being straight-forward and understandable to your research participants.

Do I need IRB approval in order for BOSR to collect my data?
You do not need to have approval from an IRB (Institutional Review Board) for BOSR to help you collect your data.  As a researcher, however, there are situations where you must gain IRB approval in order to publish in journals, present findings at conferences and, in general, contribute to generalizable knowledge about your topic of interest.  You can find out more about the IRB process and when IRB approval is needed by visiting the Web page for UNL's Office of Research Responsibility.