NASIS is an omnibus survey of quality of life in the state of Nebraska. A representative sample of Nebraskans are asked to give their opinion on a variety of topics and issues. This survey is a product of the Bureau of Sociological Research of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln working in collaboration with state agencies and other educational and research organizations. The data are used by a wide range of organizations for policy and program planning and by the faculty and students of the University of Nebraska for research. NASIS provides government and non-profit agencies and academic researchers a cost-effective means of obtaining data from a survey conducted with the highest scientific standards of social research.

The NASIS survey varies from year to year. There is a core group of quality of life items that appear on each survey—for example, age, sex, education, community satisfaction, etc. These items are asked each year to provide key demographic information to all users of NASIS as well as comparability to other social indicator information. In addition to the core items, public agencies and university researchers purchase space on the survey for their question.