Qualitative Data Collection

Qualitative research explores and provides deeper insights into topics, and can be used with or without quantitative data components. Below are featured partnerships using qualitative data.

Transcription: BOSR uses locally-stored technology to automate the transcription process, saving clients time and funds overall. After the automated transcription, BOSR transcriptionists carefully review each file to check for accuracy and ensure high quality transcriptions. BOSR transcriptionists also clean transcripts to add or delete filler words (uh, um) as needed by the client, de-identify files to be consistent with human subjects requirements, and add time stamps as needed. BOSR regularly provides analytic reports of focus groups and interviews for clients who need these services as well.

Did you know? BOSR also offers focus group and qualitative interview training to researchers!

Social Determinants of Health for Medicaid Patients


Partner: Hongmei Wang

Population studied: Healthcare stakeholders

Methods Completed: Transcription

BOSR contributions: Question development, methodology development, transcription of audio files, qualitative interview analysis and reporting

Outcome: BOSR summarized 22 interviews into a report to better understand social determinants of health.