Labor Availability Study

The Labor Availability Study is commissioned by the Nebraska Department of Economic Development (NDED) and Nebraska Department of Labor (NDOL). BOSR has been conducting this study since 2013. Each year, the State identifies areas, or laborsheds, of Nebraska to be surveyed. A laborshed is an area or region from which an employment center draws its workers, including those who many commute into that area to work. 

The survey asks questions about employment history, education, pay, and benefits, as well as obstacles and challenges current and retired workers may be facing. Results inform the State about the current employment situation and influence policies on economic development. 

Recent reports and more information can be found here:

Department of Labor

“The BOSR team are great from start to finish helping with our projects.  They work with us every step of the way to help achieve the results we are looking for.  The entire processes is transparent and the customer service is great.”  

Brandon Jones, Research Supervisor at Nebraska Department of Labor