Field work aims to observe and interact with people in a natural environment. BOSR spends time in the field each year observing patterns of behavior or conducting in-person surveys. Below are featured projects in the field.

“BOSR has been very convenient to work with in getting our survey requirements established to meet the Federal requirements. Creating a schedule that meets our timeline as well as observing the traffic at peak times to obtain accurate data is very important in providing the best data possible. We are excited to work with the BOSR on this and many other research projects.”

Bill Kovarik, Highway Safety Administrator at the Nebraska Department of Transportation 

Seat Belt and Child Safety Seat Usage Projects


Partner: Bill Kovarik, Nebraska Department of Transportation

Population studied: Nebraska vehicle operators and passengers

Methods Completed: Field observation

BOSR contributions: In-person data collection, project management, methodology development, data processing, data weighting, analysis, and reporting

Outcome: Seat belt and child safety seat usage is measured for federal reporting. This data is used to inform safety messaging by the State.