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The Nebraska Annual Social Indicators Survey (NASIS) is an omnibus survey where a representative sample of Nebraskans are asked to give their opinion on a variety of topics and issues. This survey is a product of the Bureau of Sociological Research of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln working in collaboration with state agencies and other educational and research organizations. The data are used by a wide range of organizations for policy and program planning and by the faculty and students of the University of Nebraska for research. 

Using NASIS for Your Research

NASIS provides government, non-profit agencies, and academic researchers a cost-effective means of obtaining data from a survey conducted with the highest scientific standards of social research. Researchers purchase the amount of space they need to include their questions of interest. This can range from one question to multiple pages of questions. Costs vary from year to year depending on the number of researchers who buy space and the amount of survey space that is purchased each year, but researchers can use $7,500 a page as an estimate for budgeting. The number of questions clients can fit on a page varies based on how the items are formatted. BOSR works with each researcher to optimally organize their purchased space. Each researcher then gets the data for their purchased questions and the core items (see below). Many BOSR clients choose to analyze the data themselves. As a result, the estimated amount does not include reporting. BOSR can and has negotiated reporting for NASIS researchers for a modest fee.

The following is a typical timeline for NASIS:

Winter NASIS timeline, a horizontal line with dots along its length representing milestones.

Winter NASIS timeline, a horizontal line with dots along its length representing milestones.

Please contact BOSR if you are interested in using NASIS for your research.

Core Items

The NASIS survey varies from year to year depending on client needs, but every year a core group of items consisting of common demographics and quality of life measures are included. These include, for example, age, sex, education, community satisfaction, etc (for complete list, see below). These items are asked each year to provide key demographic information to all users of NASIS as well as comparability to other social indicator information. 

The core items were reduced in 2018 in an effort to keep NASIS costs as low as possible and reduce respondent burden. You can find the current core items and previously asked core items below. Researchers are able to add previous core items back into the NASIS as part of their purchased space.

Current Core Items
Previous Core Items

Methodology Reports and Questionnaires

NASIS has been conducted annually since 1977. Researchers can find past methodology reports below that explain the methodology used and provide the questionnaire administered in each year. Individual questionnaires are also available below. Please contact BOSR if you are interested in a methodology report that is not posted to the website.

Past Methodology Reports
Past Questionnaires

Public NASIS Data

NASIS data become publically available one year after the data are delivered to clients. This allows our clients time to utilize the data as they intended before it is available to the public. Please contact BOSR if you are interested in acquiring past NASIS data. Researchers external to the University will need to sign a data agreement form before the data can be shared.