Student Health And Risk Prevention


SHARP is the coordinated administration of the:

  •   Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS)
  •   Youth Tobacco Survey (YTS)
  •   Nebraska Risk and Protective Factor Student Survey (NRPFSS)

The Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) and the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (NDHHS) coordinate the administration of the YRBS, YTS, and NRPFSS. SHARP is the umbrella uniting these three surveys.

The YRBS, YTS, and NRPFSS have been administered separately in the past. Beginning in 2010, all three surveys are now administered in the fall of even calendar years. The Bureau of Sociological Research (BOSR) manages these surveys on behalf of NDE and NDHHS.

The goal of SHARP is to minimize interruption of school schedules and improve overall school participation in all three surveys.

The table below provides links to a variety of information regarding SHARP as well as the three surveys that fall under the SHARP umbrella.





For more information, please contact:

    Kim Meiergerd
    SHARP Project Manager